The Wine Gang’s Tom Cannavan reviews our Sauvignon Blanc from Adriano Vini

We are delighted that Tom Cannavan has chosen our Sauvignon Blanc as the Wine of the Week


Adriano Vini, Langhe Sauvignon ‘Basarico’ 2010

Despite the relentless rain in the UK for June and July 2012 I am still enjoying crisp, summery whites. And this is a little unusual too. It’s a Sauvignon Blanc, but one that comes from the Langhe region of Piedmont in northwest Italy – a relatively rare beast. The nose has a herbal influence (the wine’s name, Basarico, means ‘basil’ in local dialect) as well as fresh lemon and apple peel, suggesting a bit of weight and richness.

It’s a Sauvignon more akin to Sancerre than Marlborough in style, though in the mouth the fruit is sweet and full, really filling the mouth with texture. With very good acidity in the finish and that fruit-filled mid-palate, a lovely food wine and a nice to try something a little bit different.

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