The Power of the Web

Piemonte Wines has just acquired a great sponsorship deal with two prominent and well-respected wine experts and bloggers. Jamie Goode was kind enough to review 3 of our wines this month. Tom Cannavan will also be reviewing a selection of wines soon.  As part of the deal, our name will be featured on their websites/blogs, and that’s definitely something we’re excited about. Especially seeing as just 10 minutes after Jamie’s review appeared, we received several orders! You can’t say fairer than that, and the credibility by association is certainly something we hope will grow in the next few months.

The social media aspect of the business is something I’ve started doing a lot of for 2 reasons. Firstly, I’ve been realising recently that we need to do more to get Piemonte Wines out there online, and secondly, none of the producers I’m importing are known in the UK. This means that instead of just re-enforcing our brand identity, we have to do the same for the products too! Something that Twitter is proving very useful for – especially seeing as the people following me and the business must surely have some interest in wine (not to mention the fact that I can see who is following them, which is a very useful marketing tool in itself).

Aside from this, we’re buying the house in Piemonte, as I mentioned before. Last time I was there I bought wine from some of the local producers and I have to say all are excellent. In the near future I’ll be getting some of them over to the UK for our customers.

The last piece of news I have for you right now is that, as of this moment, you can buy wines for as little as £9.99 from our website. Unlike supermarket wines they’re all from artisan producers and totally unique. You won’t find them in any supermarkets, either, which means that when you buy from us, you really are getting a genuinely original product.

That’s all from me right now. I’ll be back with more very soon.

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